Bonus Challenge for 12/20

Finish these two books, and keep up with the rest of your reading and you can choose either Bad Island or the next Usagi Yojimbo.

Date The Drowned Vault The Arabian Nights 12/2/2013 116 14 12/3/2013 140 28 12/4/2013 164 32 12/5/2013 188 46 12/6/2013 212 60…

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Some advice on productivity from Daniel Plainview:View Post

Some advice on productivity from Daniel Plainview:

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Werner Herzog’s Amazon Reviews: “Dora the Explorer: Let’s Explore! Dora’s Greatest Adventures”

When you look into the eyes of an animated character you may sometimes experience the sense of the ultimate blankness of the human. That we can be so easily fooled into respecting the verisimilitude of these dead-eyed renderings is evidence of our total…

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The Hermit Mite

A story about a weird email I received from a friend of mine:

Not too long ago, a friend sent me a link to an article, along with the text of the article in the email.

Here’s the article as I received it:

“Acarologists in Argentina are currently at work to understand the mysterious workings of the Hermit Mite. This…

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The Happy Circumstance of Your Mom Being Gone

Something like this happened to me once, but much less dramatic:

Argent came over to hang out with us the day that Liz Chaplin got my friend Jippy to tell me that if I asked her out, she’d go out with me.

“Using gasoline as an accelerant isn’t that crazy,” Argent said. “I know that people make a big deal out of not…

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A Man Went Looking for Death

A story about a guy who got out of bed one day and had some questions for Death:

A man woke up one morning, fixed himself a bagel, drank two cups of coffee, and went looking for Death. It won’t be hard, he thought. He usually shows up even when someone’s not looking for him.

He crossed the street, walked down the sidewalk, down to the…

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Found: Meditations on Rag-Wool Gloves

I found these thoughts written on the blank back pages of a used copy of Hermes Trismegistus: Truth or Source of All Truth?.

“October 29
I just went looking for my gloves. I have two pairs. One is the pair that I don’t give a handful of deer-droppings…

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Books with Teeth? Bat Wings?

This kid slept in the valley of the shadow of books. Sheesh. It messed him up:

My parents moved me into my room. Come on. It wasn’t myroom. It was a room owned by books. They sat, straight-faced, on shelves and stared at the opposite wall, careful to show how they took no notice of me. My parents wanted me out of a room full of…

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An Interview with Aaron Belz

Aaron Belz, in his signature bow-tie, cow licked coif, and disgruntled expression, peered at the audience through thick, black spectacles and began, “Cyclists, as a rule, think bikers are cheaters…”

As he read his poem “Worms,” during the introductory session…


Flesh on a Mechanical Interface

A story about a spy walking down the street:

The spy walks down the street. He moves as though in a gauze of secrecy, except that if he moved in actual gauze his steps would be somewhat encumbered and he’d draw attention to himself. The gauze of secrecy does not make itself known. He looks like he’s…

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